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Dynamic Trading: Date:2018-07-05 Steel Grade:DX51D,DX51D Quantity (mt):1400 Amount (USD):1,054,500.00

Unit: USD/MT Today's market

Spec Product Name
SS400 626.29
3SP/5SP 537.53
HPB300 584.01
HRB400 609.87
SPHC 621.79
SGCC 815.44
CGCC 812.10
SPCC 697.04
CCSA 755.44

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Steel Grade Production Standard Specifications Quantity
Lead Time
低合金板Q345D(现货资源) 国标 6-120mm 1 others Standard Export Packing
容器板Q345R(现货资源) 国标 6-60mm 1 others Standard Export Packing
Z向板 Q345BZ15(现货资源) 国标 20-70mm 1 others Standard Export Packing
高建钢Q345GJC(现货资源) 国标 10-60mm 1 others Standard Export Packing
桥梁板Q345qD(现货资源) 国标 6-60mm 1 others Standard Export Packing
HQ235B 国标 5.5*1500*C 1 7 Standard Export Packing
Q235B 2018 5.5*1500*C 10 7 Standard Export Packing
304钢板 1.0*1219*2438 1.0*1219*2438 0.1 7 Standard Export Packing
Q235B 国标 2.75*1500*C 28 others Standard Export Packing

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Product Name Manufacturer Specifications Production Standard The Date of Production Quantity
Means of Stock Stock Location Payment Request Other Instructions
无花镀锌板卷 安钢 0.7*1250*C DC51D 7.10 益钢库 5030 五创物联-王17358676861
热镀锌板卷 烨辉 3.0*1250*C DX51D+Z120 30.50 新通豪9号库 5500 五创物联-王17358676861
冷轧汽车钢 沙钢 1.00*625*625 HC340LA 1.37 宝矍库 4120 五创物联-王17358676861
冷轧卷 本浦 1.60*1250*C SPCC 13.54 宝矍库 4650 五创物联-王17358676861
热镀锌板卷 本浦 1.00*1480*C H340LAD+Z120 8.81 宝矍库 5740 五创物联-王17358676861
热镀锌板卷 本浦 0.80*1250*C DX53D+Z90参考DC56D 8.38 宝矍库 5460 五创物联-王17358676861
无花镀锌板卷 安钢 0.8*1250*C DC51D 7.19 益钢库 4950 五创物联-王17358676861
热镀锌板卷 烨辉 3.0*1250*C DX51D+Z180 30.50 新通豪9号库 5730 五创物联-王17358676861