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Severstal launched industrial 3D-printer at Cherepovets


Severstal launched the first industrial 3D printer at the Cherepovets Metallurgical Combine. Investments in the project amounted to 4.3 million rubles. With the help of a 3D printer in the blank procurement shop of the machine-building center "SSM-Tyazhmash" will produce models for casting parts of units. It is planned to make about a third of the total need for forms on the device.

Mr Vadim Germanov, general director of Severstal Russian Steel said that "The development of additive technologies is one of the most promising areas for the company's development. The purchase of equipment worth 4.3 million rubles will improve the quality of products, increase production rates. So, for the model of peripheral tile of the sub-planting device for the blast furnace air heater, modelers used to take three days before. On a 3D printer, it is done in 16 hours.”

A compact unit in the form of a hollow cube meets the latest trends in 3D printing. It will allow machine builders not only to make casting equipment for parts much faster and more economically, but also completely eliminate the human factor.

The material for printing on a 3D printer is environmentally friendly, biodegradable plastic, harmless to health. The mechanism of the printer layers the plastic thread, building from it a future model, the parameters of which are set by the operator in the equipment program using the built-in tablet.

Source : Strategic Research Institute, SteelGuru