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Puglia governor Emiliano says won't risk health of Taranto people


ANSA reported that Puglia Governor Michele Emiliano said Monday that he does not intend to withdraw his appeal against the plan for an environmental clean-up and revamp of the ILVA steelworks in Taranto. Emiliano said he would not withdraw the legal action and put the health of the Taranto people at risk even if the regional assembly asked me to.

He said "There is an attempt by many subjects to interfere. ILVA is used to having its way in the region, it is not used to having to submit to the legal regulations of the region".

Industry Minister Carlo Calenda has warned Europe's biggest steel plant risks closing unless the appeal is dropped.

Commissioners are running ILVA after it was put in administration and started undergoing the economic revamp and clean-up programme after years of being linked to high cancer rates in Taranto.

Source : ANSA