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We TSS platform appreciate all the members from steel industry for your kind support and trust and for becoming a member of Time Steel Supermarket platform! All members are welcomed to consult us about cooperation regarding of steel business. TSS3.0 will be upgraded soon, now we sincerely welcome all the members to provide us your valuable advices and suggestions. TSS will provide 50 buyers contact details as rewards if you share with us your advices and suggestions about TSS platform.

All steel buyers could check the Stocks & Fresh Production, you could view their company profile and contact them directly. All steel suppliers could post your Stocks & Fresh Production so that buyer could see you, suppliers could also pay attention on Buying leads, all the info is real, you can quote and contact if there is suitable inquiry.

For yor reference:

Carbon Steel:
How to quote: www.world-tss.com/Help/detail?id=194
How to find produtcs: www.world-tss.com/Help/detail?id=191
How to publish inquiries: www.world-tss.com/Help/detail?id=192
How to publish the stock: www.world-tss.com/Help/detail?id=195
How to publish fresh productions: www.world-tss.com/Help/detail?id=196

Special Steel:
How to quote: www.world-tss.com/Help/detail?id=164
How to search products: www.world-tss.com/Help/detail?id=162
How to post your Buying Leads: www.world-tss.com/Help/detail?id=163
How to post your product list: www.world-tss.com/Help/detail?id=165
How to publish the Fresh Production: www.world-tss.com/Help/detail?id=167

TSS awaits for your suggestion, please feel free to talk with TSS staffs or contact service5@world-tss.com directly. If you are still visitor of TSS, welcome to join us. www.world-tss.com/Register

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