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How to Manage Your TSS Account after Registration (TSS Notice)


We TSS platform appreciate all the members from steel industry for your kind support and trust and for becoming a member of Time Steel Supermarket platform! As the new international trading platform, we have been continuing to improve and adjust the platform based on user experience in recent two years and we sincerely welcome all the members to provide us your valuable advices and suggestions. TSS platform, the third party connecting steel manufacturer, the buyers and distributors, with rich bilateral (buyer & seller) resources, can achieve resource sharing! All members are welcomed to consult us about cooperation regarding of steel business. To enrich TSS user experience and better serve the steel industry, here are advices on the usage after registration:

1.  Enter Member Center and fill out account information and complete your account profile after registration.

In "My Account", there are four parts:Basic Information, Company Information, Verified Information, Account Information. You can regularly revise password in Account Information to ensure the security of your account. To enhance the credibility, upload your business license and get the “Verified” mark.


2. As  TSS platform is an international steel trading platform, we hope that  all members complete account name and company name both in Chinese and  English when registering and fulfilling information. However, you just  need to post content in one language in Stock, Supply and Buying Lead as  one system is conducted in these three parts.

3. After  filling out account information, enter “My Profile” and complete your  profile information which can be viewed by other members. The more  complete enterprise information member provides, more chances that  enterprise information can be included by Google, Baidu and other major  search engines and more opportunities of exposure you will get.


4.       TSS logo is a default if you do not upload your company Logo or banner.


5.       Member can click on “Preview My Profile” and check if there is anything that needs to improve and members can review company information and find the contact details in Stock, Buying Lead and Supply parts.


6.       Member’s profile page is very conducive to display business information. We hope that members take full advantage of it and enrich their own TSS secondary domain name website!


7. After you have finished your presentation, you can customize your service based on your trading needs. If you are a buyer, you can enter the member center to publish the buying lead in “My Inquiry”, and you can also go to the page of Stocks and Fresh Production and find suitable suppliers and contact them. If you are a seller, you can publish your stock and supply in My Stock and My Supply, or find buyers and contact them in Buying Leads. If you have any questions about the post in "Stock", "Supply" and "Buying Leads", you can view the related operations in the "Help Center" in both carbon and special steel sectors. (Please switch the page on Special Steel & Carbon Steel by your requirements)

8. We will recommend related buying leads or supply information based on your use habits. Certainly we advise that you enter the related page to understand this function fully:


 9. Members can check the articles on the right of Member Center. Pay attention to platform notices. Visit Help Center or contact us directly if there is any doubt.

Tips: If you focus on foreign steel trade, you can switch to English version in the upper right of the page directly. If other pages jump to Help Center please switch the language.
9.pngPlease advise us if you need to know other functions about TSS platform. And we will combine the requirements of all members and respond accordingly. For customer support, consultation or cooperation, please contact service5@world-tss.com directly. Thank you for your support and we will spare no efforts to serving you!

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