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Cold-rolled products


Cold-rolled products includs Cold-rolled sheets and Coil,Hot Dip Galvanized Steel,Electrogalvanized Steel,Color Coated Steel,Zinc-aluminum Alloy Coated Steel,Chromium-coated Steel,etc.

1.Cold-rolled sheets and Coil

    Steel Grade







GB/T 708

EN 10130:1998






Used for general forming and deep drawing forming parts

Common Steel Grades:Q195Q215Q235Q275SPCCST12

2.Hot Dip Galvanized Steel

Common Steel Grades:DX51D, DX53D, DX4D, DX56D, DC51D, DC53,DC54D, DC56D,SGCC,SGCD,etc.

3.Electrogalvanized Steel

Common Steel Grades:SECC, SECD, SECE, DC01+ZE ,DC03+ZE, DC04+ZE,etc.

4.Color Coated Steel

Common Steel Grades:CGCC,CGCL,CGLCC,TDC51D+Z,etc.

5.Zinc-aluminum Alloy Coated Steel

Common Steel Grades: DC51D+AZ, TDC51D+AZ, SGLCC, DX51D+AZ, DX51D+Z, S350GD+AZ, TS550GD+AZ, G550,etc. 

6.Chromium-coated Steel

Common Steel Grades:TH435,TH550,MR T-4CA,MIX,MR DR-8CA,MR T-5CA,MR T-3BA ,etc.