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Explanation & Solution for the Expiration of Publishing the SPECIAL STEEL Stocks


Recently, many members of the TSS platform response that the release of special steel stocks are always expired.The platform intends to standardize the publishing method.

In addition, because the contents of the Sino-British system are interoperable, please avoid Chinese when publishing.
Please refer to the following operation:

EN 库存.png1. Please indicate the specific international steel grades;

2. The price refers to the unit price. TSS do not specify the currency for meeting the needs of different customers, so please name the currency abbreviation directly;

3. Since the members published content did not in accordance with the prescribed format that caused

expired. Therefore, please set up "the cell format" to "Text format" when you publish contents.

Please do not select the date format, follow the example exactly, such as text format: 2006-09-30.

格式.png(Choose TEXT Format)

4. In addition: in order to show your information to steel partners better, please enrich the content such as Stocks, Fresh Production & Inquiry as exhaustive as possible.

If there are still problems, please feel free to contact service5@world-tss.com.Thank you.

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