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About Us

What is TSS

world-tss.com (TSS) is an international E-commerce platform for Steel Trading and a market intelligence provider that offers global business in the steel industry and steel trading from one single source. It serves you with a new way of steel trading, professional, safe, transparent, fair and handy, enhancing your present mode of doing business.

TSS had set up two product divisions, special steel and carbon steel, completed products categories including, hot rolled steel, cold rolled steel, mid-thick steel plates, galvanized steel, color coated steel, deformed steel bar, steel pipe and carbon structural steel, alloy engineering steel, plastic mould steel, hot work tool steel, cold work tool steel, high speed tool steel, bearing steel etc, which are widely used in various industrial manufacturing areas and play a key role in advanced equipment industry such as oil industry, aerospace industry, electronic industry, shipbuilding industry, military industry, ship-building plate, etc. TSS will help simplify the trading process between buyer and seller.

TSS' market intelligence service also keeps you updated on the latest pricing and trends in the steel world with daily price reports and market analysis derived from actual transactions.

What does TSS offer

By deducting the middleman, TSS offers a free trading platform for buyer and seller to negotiate the best price; provides professional supports and one-stop services, including proxy customs declaration, documents making, settlement of exchange, inspection, commodity inspection, shipping, certification, insurance, translation, business and factory production supervision, etc.

Free services

1. consultation service, 2. advertising service, 3. transaction assistance, 4. bonus points exchange, 5 free registration fee;

Value-added services

1. translation service, 2. the third party inspection, 3. exportation agent, 4. cargo insurance service, 5. customs clearance, 6. TSS premium advertising service

What will you get from TSS

As a buyer in TSS, you will have access to

1. organizing your suppliers by creating your TSS Trading Circle;
2. initiating purchase leads, and comparing instant offer prices from 'My TSS' suppliers;
3. negotiating and selecting the most suitable supplier from 'My TSS';
4. keeping archives of all your business activities with suppliers.

As a supplier in TSS, you will have access to

1. building long term relationships with buyers by joining their TSS Trading Circle;
2. getting instant notification of buyer's purchases by joining their 'TSS- Trading Circle'.
3. displaying your products in global markets.

Why Verified Suppliers

As a buyer, the advantages of choosing verified suppliers are

1. cooperating with reliable manufacturers and lowering the risks of cooperation;
2. quickly matching the purchasing requests and reducing the selection cost;
3. comprehensively assessing the potential of existing manufacturers;
4. discovering whether suppliers have weak points within their businesses;
5. taking advantages of various communication channels and creating enjoyable sourcing experiences;
6. optimizing the supply chain.

As a manufacturer, the advantages of choosing to be verified suppliers are

1. demonstrating integrated company competitiveness;
2. strengthening brand credibility by an independent international third-party authentication process;
3. further developing business strategies, achieving the status of a highly trusted partner in foreign trade while enhancing the probability of successful transactions;
4. getting a banner named “Verified Supplier”, which displays after your company’s name.
5. getting a significant mark in the suppliers’ showroom.

How do you start with TSS

As a buyer, you may

1. register your buyer account on www.world-tss.com;
2. create your purchasing list and start inviting suppliers to join your TSS Trading Circle;
3. get started with posting your inquiries and inviting suppliers to bid.

As a seller, you may

1. register your seller account;
2. create your product catalog;
3. start searching inquiries and joining their TSS Trading Circle.

Welcome to TSS World