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SRMB's steel-testing centre to help consumers check steel quality


12 free steel testing centers for all TMT bars across India

To help people check the quality of steel before they are used in building and construction works, SRMB Steel has established special steel testing orientation centers called Rods n Bars.

Equipped with Universal Testing Machine (UTM), the 12 centres across the country provide scope to undertake free testing of TMT bars.

At the centres, customers can not only check the quality but also get a complete guide on steel itself. The steel will be tested in the presence of the consumer.

Besides, the outlets provide free home delivery.

Ashish Beriwala, Director of Marketing at SRMB Srijan Pvt Ltd Group, said, “There is a huge gap in testing infrastructure in our country, more specifically in rural and semi-urban areas. These centers would not only cater to the gap but, would spread awareness regarding good steel and best construction practices”.

‘Rods n Bars’ intends to identify 100 per cent genuine steel with the free steel-testing facility.

SRMB plans to open five more free steel-testing centres by the end of Financial Year 2018.

Source: The Statesman

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