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International Logistics

TSS platform has established a strategic partnership with dozens of large domestic and foreign shipping companies to form a global coverage of the logistics service network, such as OSCO, CSAV, CSCL, PIL, YML, EMC, MSK, OOCL, HANJIN, HMM, CMA, MSC, KLINE, WHL, ANL, UASC.

The company has strict and complete business operation process, which is in accordance with the industry standards from the start of delivery to the arrival of goods. We have detailed tracking information and query for all carriage of goods in the entire process, so that our customers may know the status of shipped goods in time.

TSS is able to provide agency service for domestic transportation and agency service for FCL and LCL export transport to global ports in international maritime transportation according to customer's entrust. Such agency service includes checking all the lists and booking note provided by customers, making various documents, booking the vessel, declaring customs, handling Certificate of Origin and Commodity Inspection Certificate, leasing container, loading goods to container, LCL service and couriering documents, etc.. TSS also provides the service such as freight collect and door to door according to the customers' requirements.

TSS is dedicating to serving each customer by following operation principles: accuracy, speed, efficiency, and cost saving. With scientific and standardized modern management, excellent comprehensive hardware facilities and high-level quality service, we forge ahead, constantly expand the market, self-improve and timely master the market information, research freight trends, develop a reasonable mode of transport and favorable charges, and provide better services for the majority of customers domestic and abroad.