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I. Registration and Verification

Register your account and welcome to TSS global steel online trading platform (world-tss.com).

Step 1: Please click 'Join Free' to enter the page of registration:

Step 2: Please type your registered email address and set up your password. Please login your email to finish the verification.

Step 3: Please fill in your account information and click 'Register' to complete.

II. Reset your Password

What should I do if I forgot my password?

If you forgot your register password, you could reset it by the following steps:

Step 1: Click “Forget Password” on the login page:

Step 2:  Enter your registered email address in the page of 'Reset your Password':

Step 3: Please reset your password after your email verification.

If you need any assistance from TSS, please feel free to contact us by sending email to services@world-tss.com.

III. Login

Please login world-tss.com and start your trip on the global steel online trading platform.

Step 1: Please click ‘Login’:

Step 2:

Please use your registered email address and password to login.  You would login successfully if the account information was correct. Please click “Forget Password” if you forgot it.

IV. Modify your password:

How to modify your password?

1. Please login TSS 'Member Center' and click 'My Account':

There are 4 parts in 'My Account' (Basic Information, Company Information, Verified Information,Account Information), you could modify your password time to time to ensure the security of account in the 'Account Information'.

V. Modify your Account Information

How to modify your account information?

Step 1: Please login TSS 'Member Center':

Step 2: Click “My Account” for the Basic Information, Company Information, Verified Information and Account Information.

VI. License Verification

If you want to make a deal or apply for more functions on TSS after your registration, please upload your 'Business License'.

Step 1: Please login TSS 'Member Center':

Step 2: Click “Verified Information” on “My Account” and upload the picture of Business License for the verification.

Step 3: There will be a trademark shown below the Business License afterwards.