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Tangshan steel mills face new round of cuts for Jul


 All steel mills in Tangshan are likely to face a fresh round of production cuts for July, as the municipal government tries to improve the city's air quality ranking, which currently ranks last among 74 major Chinese cities.

As of Tuesday July 10, most steel mills have yet to receive notice from the government. Mills currently adopt rotating production schedules for the non-heating season, SMM learned.

The new round scheduled from July 10-31 will last longer than previous cuts and will affect blast furnaces. This compared with Tangshan's previous short-term, frequent cut that targeted sintering machines and shaft furnaces, and affected the supply of raw materials.

Capacity will be cut by 50% for blast furnaces at steel plants in the districts of Guzhi, Fengrun, Fengnan, and Luan and Yutian counties. The cut will also apply to all sintering machines and shaft furnaces at steel mills in the city.

Just one blast furnace each will be allowed to operate at Tangsteel south, north, and at Tangyin Iron & Steel, SMM learned. Blast furnaces in plants other than the above-mentioned areas will have to cut capacity by 30%.

Coking duration at all coke plants in the city is required to be extended to 33 hours. All steel rolling plants in Tangshan will be suspended by the end of July.

Such restrictions do not apply to plants with dry desulphurisation facilities.

From March 16 to November 14, steel enterprises in the main urban area of Tangshan are required to cut production by 15%, and those beyond the area will cut by 10%. This is according to the 2018 non-heating season production plan for the iron and steel industry in Tangshan.